1. 如果你是直接克隆了这个仓库,zh-CN文件夹对应的是简体中文版,en文件夹里对应的是英文版。你可以把en文件夹删除,其余文件移动到zh-CN文件夹里。
2. 如果你是下载的版本,不需要做上述改动。
3. 详细说明可以参考zh-CN/README.txt文件。

Version Introduction:

1. If you get this source by cloning a repository, the "en" folder is English version, and the "zh-CN" folder is Simplified Chinese version. You can delete the "zh-CN" folder, and move other files to the "en" folder.
2. If you get this source by downloading, you don't need to do such actions.
3. For more details, see the "en/README.txt" file.