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small fix in A* algorithm and some (minior) work on documentation

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File docs/algorithms/astar.rst

 * optimal efficient (there is no algorithm which needs to check less Nodes than
+This implementation has a (worst case) running time of :math:`O( V ^2)`, where
+`V` is the number of vertices in the graph. If searching a Node in
+:class:`~pyreia.core.heap.Heap` would be constant (instead of linear), a
+running time of :math:`O( V \log V)`.
 .. autofunction:: pyreia.algorithms.astar_al.astar
 This function can be imported from `pyreia.algorithms` directly.

File docs/algorithms/prim.rst

 This function can be imported from `pyreia.algorithms` directly.
+.. rubric:: Footnotes
 .. [#] Time complexy information by
    `Wikipedia <>`_

File docs/core/heap.rst

 .. autoclass:: pyreia.core.heap.Heap
+:TODO: Implement Fibonacci heaps.
+:TODO: Implement constant search of items.

File pyreia/algorithms/

         PathAlgorithmNode.__init__(self, node)
+    def __cmp__(self, other):
+        return cmp(self.f, other.f)
     def _clear(self):
         self.f = 0
         self.g = 0
         A more usefull docstring can be found at
-        _cmp = lambda node, other: cmp(node.f, other.f)
-        open_heap = Heap([self], cmp_func=_cmp)
+        open_heap = Heap([self])
         while open_heap:
             chosen = open_heap.heappop()