This directory tree holds version 22.1 of SXEmacs, the extensible,
customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.

See the file `etc/NEWS' for information on new features and other
user-visible changes since the last version of SXEmacs.

The file `INSTALL' in this directory says how to build SXEmacs.

The file `PROBLEMS' contains information on many common problems that
occur in building, installing and running SXEmacs.

The file 'README.packages' will guide you in the installation of
(essential) add on packages.

The file `configure' is a shell script to acclimate SXEmacs to the
oddities of your processor and operating system.  It will create a
file named `Makefile' (a script for the `make' program), which helps
automate the process of building and installing SXEmacs.  See INSTALL
for more detailed information.

The file `configure.ac' is the input used by the autoconf program to
construct the `configure' script.

The file `Makefile.in' is a template used by `configure' to create

There are several subdirectories:

`ChangeLog.d' -- ChangeLog files for all the SXEmacs versions.
    `contrib' -- A few scripts and things to make life as a SXEmacs
                 developer a little easier.
        `etc' -- Tutorials, readme's, icons, developer images.
       `info' -- SXEmacs documentation in Texinfo format.
    `lib-src' -- Holds the source code for some utility programs for
                 use by or with SXEmacs, like movemail and etags.
       `lisp' -- Holds the Emacs Lisp code for SXEmacs.
         `m4' -- The auxiliary m4 scripts used by the build chain.
    `modules' -- Source code for the "emodules".
        `src' -- The rest of the C sources are here.
      `tests' -- The test suite.