Keigo Imai committed 03c97d9

some utility functions for idents / removal of unused functions

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 let get_class_ml_wrapper_name c = "_capsule_" ^ get_class_ml_name c
 let get_class_ml_stub_wrapper_name c = "_souche_" ^ get_class_ml_name c
-let get_class_ml_allocator_name c = "_alloc_" ^ get_class_ml_name c
-let get_class_ml_stub_allocator_name c = "_alloc_" ^ get_class_ml_stub_name c
 let get_class_ml_jni_accessor_method_name c = "_get_jni_" ^ get_class_ml_name c
 let get_class_ml_array_alloc_name c = "_new_jArray_" ^ get_class_ml_name c
 let get_class_ml_array_init_name c = "jArray_init_"  ^ get_class_ml_name c
+let get_class_ml_module_name c =
+  String.capitalize (String.concat "_" (get_class_java_package c))
+let get_class_ml_ref c = "_javaclass_" ^ get_class_ml_module_name c ^ "_" ^ get_class_ml_name c
+let get_class_ml_stub_ref c = "_javaclass_stub_" ^ get_class_ml_module_name c ^ "_" ^ get_class_ml_name c
 let compare_clazz id1 id2 = id1.ic_id id2.ic_id


 val is_interface: clazz -> bool
 val get_class_java_package: clazz -> string list
+val get_class_java_package_name : clazz -> string
 val get_class_java_name: clazz -> string
 val get_class_ml_name: clazz -> string
 val get_class_ml_stub_name: clazz -> string
 val get_class_ml_stub_wrapper_name: clazz -> string
 val get_class_ml_jni_accessor_method_name: clazz -> string
-val get_class_ml_allocator_name: clazz -> string
-val get_class_ml_stub_allocator_name: clazz -> string
 val get_method_ml_init_name: mmethod -> string
 val get_method_ml_init_stub_name: mmethod -> string
 val get_class_ml_array_alloc_name: clazz -> string
 val get_class_ml_array_init_name: clazz -> string
+val get_class_ml_module_name: clazz -> string
+val get_class_ml_ref: clazz -> string
+val get_class_ml_stub_ref: clazz -> string
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