Currently I'm taking a break from WoW. If or when I'll be back is unknown. If you find an issue please create a bug report. I still may find the time to fix it.


This application was created, because of the lack of Linux support of the official Curse(tm) client.

It only supports the game World of Warcraft. Other games are not in my focus, because I don't play them and can't therefore test or develop for it.


  • Only Linux is tested. Other operation systems (Mac, ...) might work too, but they are not tested and I might give no support for that.
    • Windows is prohibit to use, because of the already existing official client.
  • a so called Java 8 runtime environment is needed to run this (e.g. openjdk-8-jre). I can't tell you how to install this, because it depends on your distribution. If you can call java -version and a java version like 1.8 is printed, you should be fine.
  • World of Warcraft installed in your Linux file system. Installing it in NTFS file system may result in a unexpected behavior of WoW and this client.
  • The directory names for your addons are case-sensitiv and have to be "Interface/AddOns" in your WoW directory. Otherwise this client will not work!

How To

First time configuration

  1. Download the most current stable version from https://bitbucket.org/keiki/jcurse/downloads
  2. Uncompress it to your favourite directory. To make this right this should either be /opt/ or in your user directory.
  3. Set your WoW directory ./jcurse --set-wow /home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ (x86)/World\ of\ Warcraft/

Upgrade (e.g. from 0.x to 1.x)

  1. export currently used addons with your old client

    jcurse export

  2. Save the commandline output

  3. Remove the repository rm ~/.jcurse/repository
  4. Use previously saved addon names with new client to add them

    jcurse add <addon1> <addon2> ...

Use it

Each addon has a short name on the curse site. So if you want to download Deadly Boss Mods the url of the addon is http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods . So the name to use in this client is deadly-boss-mods .

Adding addons

jcurse add <addon1-name> <addon2-name> <...>

Removing addons

jcurse remove <addon1-name> <addon2-name> <...>

Update all addons

jcurse update all

Update specific addons

jcurse update <addon1-name> <addon2-name> <...>

Add addon in pre stable status

Note: This will lookup on Curseforge and addons main curse website for alpha/beta. Cursforge wins in conflicts.

jcurse add alpha <addon-name>...
jcurse add beta <addon-name>...

Set to non release status

jcurse set [alpha|beta|release] [addon name, ...

List all installed addons

jcurse list

Export for later reinstall

jcurse export

Force update, if already same version Maybe used after addon folder was deleted, but jcurse doesn't know about it

jcurse --force update all
jcurse --force update <addon-name>...
jcurse -f update all

Switch WoW directory

  1. First save all installed addons using

    jcurse export

  2. delete /home/user/.jcurse directory

  3. Set new wow directory using

    jcurse --set-wow <path>

  4. execute in 1 saved command to reinstall all addons again



  • issue #54: Made it possible to download alpha/beta version of addon of main curse website (previously only CurseForge was checked)


  • issue #53: Fixed download of altoholic addon. Reason space in URL.



  • issue #52: Fixed download of curse, because they changed their website.


New features

  • issue #11: Change specific addon to other than stable release.
  • issue #17: Force update of addon
  • issue #19: Recognize addon version using some kind of id if possible


  • issue #28: Java 8 upgrade
  • issue #32: Check and Update documentation
  • issue #37: Fix build on private hudson
  • issue #35: Invalid cookie header, if alpha/beta is used
  • issue #23: Prohibit using client on Windows.
  • issue #36: Make code coverage working again (private site)
  • issue #30: Refactoring to separate classes.


  • issue #18 Update peformance boost using parallel download
  • issue #26 Using apache httpclient library for accessing curse website. Default Java framework is not reliabel regarding setting the "user agent".
  • issue #24: Other logging for adding


  • initial stable release