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 #: ../../models.rst:5
 msgid "Models erstellen"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Create the Models"
 # d49ddd1c5b374d79b81fdbf885cd9c57
 #: ../../models.rst:7
 msgid ""
 "Der nächste Schritt ist das Erstellen der Datenstrukturen mit Hilfe der "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "The next step is to create the data structure with help from models."
 # 932d4d7a03d94538a4906c53991eff59
 #: ../../models.rst:10
 "diese zuzugreifen. Man spricht hierbei auch von Object-Relational-Mapping "
 msgstr ""
+"Models define how data is saved.  Usually a model represents a table in the "
+"database, and has fields, metadata and methods.  With this information "
+"Django can automatically generate an interface to the database that allows "
+"object oriented access to it. This is called Object-Relation-Mapping (ORM)."
 # 9be9875e077b41d09af79124e62883b0
 #: ../../models.rst:17
 "besteht eine M:N Beziehung (Many-to-many) für die Django automatisch eine "
 "Zwischentabelle erstellt."
 msgstr ""
+"In django-marcador, two models are required. ``Bookmark`` represents the "
+"actual bookmarks and has fields for URL, title and description. Data about "
+"who created the bookmark and when, as well as whether the bookmark is public "
+"or not is also stored here. This data will be used later to filter the "
+"bookmarks. A second model ``Tag`` represents keywords that can be attached "
+"to bookmarks to make them easier to find. ``Bookmark`` and ``Tag`` have a "
+"many-to-many relationship, so Django will create a join-table automatically."
 # 163bc93d9fd74ac59b383b4254125454
 #: ../../models.rst:27
 "models.Model`` erben und in der Datei :file:`` stehen, die sich im "
 "Verzeichnisses einer App (hier :file:`mysite/marcador/`) befindet."
 msgstr ""
+"In order that Django recognises your class as a model, you must inherit from "
+"``django.db.models.Model`` and place your file in your app directory (in "
+"this example :file:`mysite/marcador/`)."
 # dc25d1f941264049b3ff58d3754f5981
 #: ../../models.rst:35
 msgid "Felder"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Fields"
 # 82cb25da6f224af39dee9c45153a0a9a
 #: ../../models.rst:37
 "Felder werden als Klassenattribute definiert und entsprechen den Spalten "
 "einer Tabelle. Django bietet verschiedene Typen von Feldern, um die Daten in "
 "einem möglichst sinnvollen Format abzulegen. So entspricht beispielsweise "
-"``CharField`` einer Spalte vom Typ ``VARCHAR`` in einer SQL-Datenbank. Eine :"
-"djangodocs:`Liste der Feldtypen <ref/models/fields/>` kannst du in der "
+"``CharField`` einer Spalte vom Typ ``VARCHAR`` in einer SQL-Datenbank. Eine "
+":djangodocs:`Liste der Feldtypen <ref/models/fields/>` kannst du in der "
 "Django-Dokumentation finden."
 msgstr ""
+"Fields are defined as class attributes, and map to the columns in the table. "
+"Django has several different types of fields, in order to allow access to "
+"the data in the most sensible way. For example ``CharField`` means a "
+"``VARCHAR`` column in an SQL database. You can find a :djangodocs:`list of "
+"field types <ref/models/fields/>` in the Django documentation."
 # 9ccf4a993d5b408a8b4ae127607ff13d
 #: ../../models.rst:49
 msgid "Metadaten"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Metadata"
 # 8eaae8f05ac347e2a450b27e998ecdfc
 #: ../../models.rst:51
 "internen Klasse ``Meta`` definiert. Im Beispiel werden der Name für die "
 "Darstellung (singular und plural) sowie die Standardsortierung festgelegt."
 msgstr ""
+"Models can contain :djangodocs:`Metadata <ref/models/options/>`, that can "
+"influence how they are displayed or how they behave. They are defined in the "
+"internal class ``Meta``.  In the example, the display name for presentation "
+"is set (singular and plural), as well as the default sort order."
 # 1e28ee607a9d403faf320713cf7a97c3
 #: ../../models.rst:65
 msgid "Methoden"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Methods"
 # a7c5091092014083a6b1e7f767c30422
 #: ../../models.rst:67
 "``__unicode__`` eine menschenlesbare Repräsentation des Datensatzes zu "
 msgstr ""
+"You can now add Model functionality :djangodocs:`Methods <topics/db/models/"
+"#model-methods>` for actions that apply to a single record. For instance, it "
+"is usual to create a human readable form of the record with the method "
 # 07a44dc970234ed3a930d72e59883e20
 #: ../../models.rst:78
 "zuletzt die Methode ``save()`` an der Klasse auf, von der unsere Klasse "
 "geerbt hat."
 msgstr ""
+"In the bookmark model, we'll also override the method ``save()`` to set the "
+"right creation or last-changed date.  The state of the ``id`` field will be "
+"used, in order to decide if the model has already been saved or not.  The "
+"field ``id`` exists in every model - if it's not explicitely declared, "
+"Django will create it automatically. It is used as the primary key of the "
+"model, to uniquely identify the record.  If this field doesn't exist, the "
+"model hasn't been saved yet.  As a last step, the function ``super()`` is "
+"used to call the method ``save()`` from the base class (i.e. the class that "
+"we've inherited from)."
 # 4c7542e6a0a34668bcbd78996ffcee93
 #: ../../models.rst:92
 msgid "Manager"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Manager"
 # 5d9734f3114741a489e834350e7c9f44
 #: ../../models.rst:94
 "das Überschreiben oder Hinzufügen eines Managers können die Abfragen "
 "beeinflusst werden."
 msgstr ""
+"In order to run the database queries, there's a :djangodocs:`manager <topics/"
+"db/managers/>` for every model. Unless it's otherwise defined, the attribute "
+"``objects`` holds a reference to the model class. The queries can be altered "
+"by overriding or adding to a manager."
 # ff42e9c4154649f3836fa5f5798e747d
 #: ../../models.rst:101
 "bleibt, muss er noch einmal explizit dem Attribut ``objects`` zugewiesen "
 msgstr ""
+"In our example, we'll add a second manager for the ``Bookmark`` model.  This "
+"manager will only return the public bookmarks. We'll assign it to the "
+"attribute ``public``.  In order to keep a reference to the default manager, "
+"we explicitely assign it to the ``objects`` attribute of the ``Bookmark`` "
 # b2ea63b860ce4c4eabc92a0a43b80abf
 #: ../../models.rst:112
 msgid ""
 "Am Schluss sieht die vollständige Datei :file:`` wie folgt aus:"
 msgstr ""
+"When everything is complete, the file :file:`` should look as "