djarql is a SPARQL endpoint built with Django.

It allows you to use the Django admin to create your own ontology with Resource Types, Resources and Triples.

Run the Test Suite

First install the packages from requirements.txt:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

After that create a Django project, add djarql to INSTALLED_APPS and execute the syncdb command. Now you can run the test suite:

$ python test djarql

You can also create a coverage report:

$ coverage run --rcfile=/path/to/djarql_repo/.coveragerc test djarql

Now you have collected the data to create a coverage report:

$ coverage html

This will create a directory htmlcov containing a HTML coverage report.

Ideas for Improvements

  • A manage command to import RDF ontologies like the Disease Ontology.
  • A RESTful API to access the data.
  • A HTML frontend for the data.

Contributions and Bugs

Feel free to improve djarql. Pull requests are welcome!

Please report problems to our issue tracker.


This is Open Source Software. See LICENSE for detailed information.