keimlinks dotfiles

These are my dotfiles for OS X and GNU/Linux setups. Feel free to use them for your own setup.


Use make to install programs and configurations. Running just make displays a list of all targets:

$ make

Use the install target to install all programs:

$ make install

Run the setup target to setup all configurations:

$ make setup

To setup only a single configuration use the respective target:

$ make setup-ack

There are also several targets to install just some of the programs.

You can override the PIP_INSTALL variable if you want to add additional options. Example:

$ make install PIP_INSTALL="pip install --no-use-wheel"

The APTITUDE variable can be used in the same way.


Please make sure you have a backup of your current configuration. The installer will replace current configurations without asking or doing a backup!


With the help of Fabric an archive containing all files in the dotfiles repository and it's subrepositories can be deployed to a remote server. This can be helpful if the server where the dotfiles should be installed hasn't Mercurial and Git installed or doesn't allow SSH connections.

If Fabric is not installed on your machine run first:

$ pip install fabric

Then deploy the dotfiles archive on your server using Fabric:

$ fab deploy:/path/where/dotfiles/go

If you want to make deployment with Fabric easy repeatable you can use a fabricrc file like this:

user = alice
host_string =
remotepath = /path/where/dotfiles/go

And then use it like so:

$ fab -c fabricrc deploy

What's inside?


All code written by me is licensed under the New BSD License. For all third party tools and libraries see their respective license file.


Thanks to the following people for sharing their dotfiles: