Markus Zapke-Gründemann avatar Markus Zapke-Gründemann committed 14a5b18

Mercurial: hgshelve is now a Python package!

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 mercurial/hgext/hgchangelog =
 mercurial/hgext/hgcodesmell =
 mercurial/hgext/hgconfig =
-mercurial/hgext/hgshelve =
 mercurial/hgext/onsub =
 solarized = [git]git://
 vim/vim/bundle/ctrlp.vim = [git] git://
 edc529e7669a1f34f78052eb412a29bb5ed94f67 mercurial/hgext/hgchangelog
 201afda16459b71820fa17441e74e99646c2b7bb mercurial/hgext/hgcodesmell
 d8e8e249d6d9439efb150058755efa248b46875e mercurial/hgext/hgconfig
-244a50c40d93873006c875c5d2ae64fcbc987216 mercurial/hgext/hgshelve
 ef52038b4459ddd8c78f13c2789c658bbc6cacbc mercurial/hgext/onsub
 644d4db64e92fb2d2b2f8f9d3c685ed063922d12 solarized
 f04196941a2e11e36066ccc8486ea5fa7f6a82d0 vim/vim/bundle/ctrlp.vim
 extdiff =
 graphlog =
 hgconfig = ~/.hgext/hgconfig/hgext/
-hgshelve = ~/.hgext/hgshelve/
+hgshelve =
 # hggit =
 hgsubversion = !
 histedit =


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