hg-importfs / CHANGELOG.rst



  • Removed reStructuredText header from CHANGELOG.rst


  • Updated README to render as reStructuredText on PyPI


  • First Open Source release!
  • Added testedwith variable
  • Test suite works now with Mercurial 2.2.x
  • Added installation instructions and example to README
  • Moved development information to README


  • Symlinks are no longer dereferenced on Linux (but still dereferenced on Windows).
  • If the path of a symlink on Linux contains backward slashes (i.e. the link was intended for Windows), the slashes are converted to forward slashes and the link is dereferenced.
  • Renamed --exclude option to --exclude-pattern.
  • Added new option --exclude-path to exclude a path relative to SOURCE.
  • Added new option --retain-empty-dirs to import empty directories.
  • The update operation inside the repository is using the --clean option.
  • The repository is purged before each update/commit because there can be files without write permissions and Mercurial fails to update them.


  • Write warnings on ignored copy errors to stdout instead of stderr.
  • Using a slash as new exclude pattern separator.


  • Added new options exclude and ignore-copy-errors.


  • Allow to create anonymous branches.


  • Fixed the problem with wrong permissons of single files in the root of the repo on Windows.


  • Changed filesystem operations to be OS independent. Extension can now be used on Windows.
  • SOURCE can now be a list of directories.


  • Fixed the version number (which was still 0.6 for the 0.7 release).


  • Removed the "dereference" option.


  • Fixed missing updates. The repository wasn't always at the lastest revision when doing the import.
  • Added new option "dereference" to follow symlinks.
  • Updated package classifiers.
  • Added this Changelog.
  • Added long_description to package metadata.


  • Removed from


  • Initial release.
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