hg-importfs / .hgtags

2da3673e940627a49abcb9bbe7608c5cbf90a96b 0.5
59c95a360be21f7ac5366799668e32873e3083c8 0.5.1
47acffa406155f9649383773967aeec7169be0cc 0.6.0
bb2da9d5148d6e42f99b41a0365ffe78b3dae173 0.7.0
4af29e8961227cbb2d1949fc63885dd166a8ece6 0.8.0
04164715669a54a86e8e5e397a758a717c03a150 0.8.1
4512b864f597b5a8b3d496667b7061a3f64e0055 0.9.0
0125c230c49e138e6c776ed3fa0d46807873ce0b 1.0.0
a1f5b7a988b796babd498ef54fde80f440f8359d 1.0.1
61309cff017e8309842e874b802dc61d05f34ce2 1.1.0
d01ac56787d9053c5fd268d7f5885ed5702b95c5 1.2.0
312e34a26ae82a62d20acd0d18a0b5d048c79f2d 1.2.1
8be396494f6ba7af199069e97fa27893fe7775cd 1.2.2
cb468f9fb907153245fb56119c00febce3bd0a73 1.2.3
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