PyCon APAC 2014

This repository serves the website of PyCon APAC 2014. This project is open source and the license can be found in LICENSE.

Full documentation can be found on Read the Docs.

Getting Started


  • Git 1.8+
  • Python 2.7+

Clone this repository:

$ git clone

Setting up environment

Change to cloned directory path:

$ cd pycon-apac-2014

Setup its virtualenv and requirements:

$ python scripts/ .venv

Which will create a default virtualenv path ".venv" inside pycon-apac-2014 folder.

Then install the required packages in this virtualenv (.venv):

$ .venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

Setting up the database

This will vary for production and development. By default the project is set up to run on a SQLite database. For deployment of testing or production:

$ .venv/bin/fab deploy

If you are setting up a production database see the Configuration section below for where to place settings and get the database running. Now you can run:

$ .venv/bin/fab deploy:production

Running a web server

In development you should run:

$ .venv/bin/fab serve

This will run a web server with default port, 8000. If you want to run the server in a specific port and/or host, consider these examples:

$ .venv/bin/fab serve:port=8090
$ .venv/bin/fab serve:host=
$ .venv/bin/fab serve:host=,port=8090
$ .venv/bin/fab serve:,8090

Compile static

Under conweb/static:

$ sass --watch scss/all.scss:all.css
$ coffee --join all.js -cw coffees/*.coffee

For Python developers

Live in a shell

Want to run shell? You can just:

$ .venv/bin/fab shell

or if you like to go with IPython or bpython:

$ .venv/bin/fab shell:interface=ipython
$ .venv/bin/fab shell:interface=bpython

You're recommended to use IPython with it. Install IPython by:

$ .venv/bin/pip install IPython

Note: if you had IPython or bpython installed, shell will use it automatically.

Question about ".venv/bin/fab"

Can I use fab ... without virtualenv prefix ".venv/bin/"? It's annoying.


Yes you can. Activate installed virtualenv like source .venv/bin/activate. There you can go with fab commands.

Or, if you already have fabric installed system-wide, you can just run fab ... without virtualenv prefix path needed.

Question about my favor of virtualenv

Can I use my favor of virtualenv version and path? e.g. (~/.virtualenvs/pycontw)


Yes you can. Create a file named "venv_prefix" inside pycon-apac-2014 folder and put (or replace) your own created virtualenv path in first line. The example of file content:


You will need to replace above virtualenv prefix .venv/bin/* with {your_virutalenv_path}/bin/*; or source your virtualenv before hand.

How to contribute