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Tag Commit Date Download
tip 2346207
release-1.8 ef56498
release-1.6 d8ac7d2
benchmarked b48df0b
release-1.5 b590cf6
Branch Commit Date Download
release-1.8.x 2346207
default 65001a8
string-NUL 49ebd7b
numpy-single-jitdriver ce3a929
matrixmath-dot 3c06321
merge-2.7.2 ff6d67b
numpy-indexing-by-arrays-bool 3f86800
numpypy-ufuncs 77ac35b
numpypy-shape-bug 5a8fc96
numpy-indexing-by-arrays-2 b48aeb3
numpypy-axisops 9478a09
better-jit-hooks dcd30a9
numpypy-repr-fix ee3e581
nedbat-sandbox-2 cd7b359
generator-in-rpython c73c899
numpy-faster-setslice 2961d5d
counter-decay 91ce4e8
numpy-full-fromstring cf46c4c
numpy-identity 506329d
numpy-dtype-strings cf42a69
jit-simplify-backendintf d56a7f1
numpy-pi-sum-min-max d4d7f06
SpecialisedTuples b702950
nedbat-sandbox 7fa920a
matrixmath-reshape-merge 25cacab
matrixmath-reshape b87bb33
matrixmath 2483076
jit-refactor-tests 9c22905
numpy-multidim-shards 0c2425c
rgc-mem-pressure 92885c7
numpy-minilang c1f7d37
faster-json 6c56236
string-promote-2 74aea6b
unsigned-dtypes 7bc0f79
gil-improvement bdeb78c
faster-isinstance f197622
kill-unary-multimethods 0d744fa
unroll-if-alt b49e0e2
jit-frontend-unescaped 2028a5a
space-iterator-improvements a2b808a
release-1.6.x c9cbec5
jit-short_from_state 1ca4ac0
effectinfo-cleanup f5e65d4
numpy-ufunc-trig 47c7c4f
custom-trace d193a25
inline-simple-generators f856927
ootype-rerased ffc2e84
numpy-setslice 4ee6a87
streamio-bufout a93fcd8
release-gil-flush-heapcache e4e34dd
numpy-repr-str 9e83042
numpy-singledim 11f5df5
numpy-impicit-convert be38f62
jit-option-refactor dabb5d3
shadowstack-perf 0cdaf4c
jit-continue_tracing 72ce7ce
mapdict-interp 0eedad4
out-of-line-guards-2 20aac7a
documentation-cleanup de55c45
post-release-1.5 2e8c1b2
new-dict-proxy ab926f8
pyarg-parsebuffer-new abe5265
pyarg-parsebuffer 6a2f031
use-out-of-line-guards 7ace34a
jit-shadowstack 08ddd81
jit-str_in_preamble 3cb0372
enable-opts 4000746
pytest2 14f2806
jit-virtual_state 216bef1
refactor-rerase 5e61e66
interplevel-exception-classes f0de43c
improve-unwrap_spec 17c2817
collections-module ff8d589
jit-longlong-2 a0dd643
jit-longlong edb0a7c
shorter-float-repr 667476c
bytearray 9b22d7c
imp.load_dyanmic e702b5b
jit-short-preamble 56f9663
fast-forward 2d6c8b7
cmath 9ccf5d0
jit-int e54f20e
simplify-conftest b7ed7b3
smalllong a7f322b
jit-unroll-loops 46f3657
gc-minimark-largeobj 21292ed
mixed-submodules 0b58c3c
cpyext-2.5-backport c30ad24
getopt-appmain e73c414
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