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Full commit
Task: review and implement the annotation procedure described in

Task: update pypy homepage

Task: add more builtins! (like e.g. 'dir')

Task: fix interpreter-level object introspection from app-level 
      (make dis.dis(dis.dis) goal work as a side effect)

Task: provide an importer that can include packages (we can't at the 

Task: slicing with assigments & more small things (finish StdObjSpace review!)

      lst[::-2] = lst2

Task: try tests of CPython in PyPy

Task: generate a nice dot-graph from the structure of PyPy

Task: integrate the code in translator, with a script that can be
      invoked from the command-line to play with sample source code
(Note: partially done with

Task: trash the standard unittest framework/enhance it

Task: complete the list of operations in type inference (

Task: (documentation) remove/retire all web-pages referencing e.g.
      AnnSpace or other deprecated stuff

Task: (documentation) do more and enhance