Meshpoly builds triangular meshes within a polygon. It is a simple OGR wrapper around Jonathan Shewchuk's Triangle library. As such, you can use any OGR data source and output. (Layer options are not yet implemented, so e.g. a postgresql data source cannot be specified.) As an example:

> ogrinfo lscape1
INFO: Open of `lscape1'
      using driver `ESRI Shapefile' successful.
1: regions (Polygon)
2: boundary (Polygon)

> meshpoly --minangle 30 \
           --maxarea 0.01 \
           --voronoi \
           --triangles \
           --base_1 \
           --check \
           --verbose \
           --output_driver GML \
           lscape1 testout

> ogrinfo testout
Had to open data source read-only.
INFO: Open of `testout'
      using driver `GML' successful.
1: edges
2: nodes
3: voronoi_edges
4: voronoi_nodes
5: triangles

A number of useful features are not yet implemented. See the source for comments. We would be happy to have patches and feature requests.


To build this software you will need at least:

  1. Boost
  2. GDAL
  3. Jonathan Shewchuk's Triangle library.


$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make


Usage: meshpoly [options] input output

Command line options:
  --help                print program options
  --quality             impose quality constraints on min and max angles
  --minangle arg        minimum angle constraint (implies quality)
  --maxarea arg         maximum triangle area
  --voronoi             also output Voronoi edges and nodes
  --triangles           also output mesh triangles
  --base_1              output element indices starting at 1 instead of 0
  --conforming          force triangles to be truly Delaunay
  --convex_hull         mesh within convex hull of input
  --check               perform consistency check on final triangulation
  --output_prefix arg   prefix added to output layer names
  --output_driver arg   output file type (default same as input)
  --verbose             print runtime information


Meshpoly is copyrighted by Timothy H. Keitt ( Meshpoly is released under the X11/MIT license used by GDAL/OGR. See The Triangle Library by Johnathan Shewchuk can be used freely, but requires a license if want to sell the code to someone else.