Community Building Routines

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Rick H
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How do we communicate with players? Ideas:

Website & Blog
make sure everyone of the team can contribute
formats (quick gamedev tip, screenshot saturday, gamedev resource)

Twitter &
share content from blog
gain new fans

Email / Skype
communicate with Beta Testers (core fans)
share game development resources
direct developers towards Twitter & Blog

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  1. Paul W

    I think we could make a part of the forum (or a new general game discussion section) open to others. There beta testers and players alike could give feedback an be in direct contact with us.

  2. Rick H reporter

    @Paul W I thought about this too. Although it certainly wouldn't be the fanciest, it'd be great to receive feedback in one place.

    I think more important here is not how to communicate with the fans, but how to build a community that lasts. If the community base solely is discussing our game, the connection is between us and the fans and the community itself is not connected. Ideally community members should interact with one another.

    I'm not sure yet how to approach this. In general modding proves to create strong communities, because people play and view each others mods.

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