Kelsey Hightower  committed e0a53a8

Replace stdlib shutil.rmtree with pip.util.rmtree -- contains a rmtree that fixes a few issues on Windows.

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File pip/vcs/

 import os
-import shutil
 import tempfile
 import re
 import ConfigParser
 from pip import call_subprocess
-from pip.util import display_path
+from pip.util import display_path, rmtree
 from pip.log import logger
 from pip.vcs import vcs, VersionControl
 from import path_to_url2
                 [self.cmd, 'archive', location],
                 filter_stdout=self._filter, show_stdout=False, cwd=temp_dir)
-            shutil.rmtree(temp_dir)
+            rmtree(temp_dir)
     def switch(self, dest, url, rev_options):
         repo_config = os.path.join(dest, self.dirname, 'hgrc')