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 The good news is that 14 is three characters shorter than 16384. The bad news
-is that this introduces a backward incompatible change as of version 0.2.0.
+is that this introduces a backwards incompatible change as of version 0.2.0.
 If you see your application generating *HTTP 500 Server Errors* with a 
 *scrypt.error: 'hash parameters are wrong (r*p should be < 2**30, and N should

File django_scrypt/__init__.py

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+"""A Scrypt-enabled password hasher for Django 1.4
+Django-Scrypt provides a Scrypt-enabled hashing class compatible
+with Django's flexible password storage system
+hashers - Class used for creating Scrypt message digests
+hashers.ScryptPasswordHasher - Scrypt hashing for Django 1.4
+Typical Usage
+Place the full name of the ScryptPasswordHasher at the very top
+of the PASSWORD_HASHERS tuple in your project settings file. As
+users login they will update their passwords to use Scrypt hashes.
+In settings.py:
+__version__ = '0.2.1'
+__all__ = ['hashers']

File django_scrypt/hashers.py

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+"""Contains the class used to create and store Scrypt message digests
 from django.contrib.auth.hashers import BasePasswordHasher, mask_hash
 from django.utils.datastructures import SortedDict
 from django.utils.crypto import constant_time_compare

File setup.py

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 import sys
 from distutils.core import setup, Command
+from django_scrypt import __version__
 cmdclasses = dict()
 README_PATH = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__)),
 cmdclasses['test'] = Tester
-      version='0.2.1',
+      version=__version__,
       description='A Scrypt-enabled password hasher for Django 1.4',
       author='Kelvin Wong',