Kelvin Wong committed c9451b7 Draft

Remove stripws helper function and residual test strings

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         return s.encode('base64')
-def stripws(s):
-    """Return a copy of the string with leading and trailing characters
-    removed
-    """
-    return s.strip()
 def stringify(s):
     """Returns a stripped string appropriate for a Scrypt hash function


         self.unicode_str = utf8(self.utf8_encoded)
         self.test_str = b'Test'
         self.test_str_base64 = b'VGVzdA==\n'
-        self.spacey_str = ' Test \ntest \n'
-        self.stripped_str = 'Test \ntest'
     def test_base64(self):
         """Returns a Base64 encoded string"""