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Django ClickStream

Track a visitors movements across your site.

Possible uses:

  • See what they were doing before they got an error.
  • Use it for analytics and usability testing to see how people are moving around your site, and where you are losing people.

Inspired by OpenSymphony's Java project of the same name.


  • Django 1.1 or newer
  • Django sessions need to be enabled
  • Django south 0.7 or newer for migrations


Custom Settings

Add the following properties to your settings file if you want to override the default settings.


Default = ()

Takes a list of regular expressions for paths that you want to ignore if it is picked up by these clicks won't be tracked.

CLICKSTREAM_IGNORE_PATHS = ('^/private/', '^/dont-track-me/', 'super-secret.txt')


Default = False

If you only want to track people that are logged in, change to True



Default = ()

A list of IP's that you don't want to track



Add 'clickstream.middleware.ClickStreamMiddleware' to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES settings it needs to be after 'django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware' in the list.


Add clickstream to INSTALLED_APPS

Sync Tables + Migrate

Run './ syncdb' to load up the tables in your database.

Run './ migrate' to run the south migrations

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