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{% extends "fitlog/base.html" %}

{% block body %}

<h1>Change Log</h1>

<h3>0.1.1 (05/31/2009)</h3>
    <li>Changed the time from minutes to HH:MM:SS so we can have more details</li>
    <li>Fixed a bug related to form validation on cardio log</li>
    <li>Added jquery calendar popup to help date selection</li>
    <li>Added Complete with comments to feature requests</li>
    <li>Added Body weight log tracker</li>

<h3>0.1 (initial release 5/25/2009)</h3>
    <li>Ability to login/register</li>
    <li>Add fitlog with cardio / weight training details</li>
    <li>Add feature request</li>

{% endblock body %}