django-fitlog / fitlog / templates / fitlog / tags / list_logs.html

{% load pagination_tags %}

{% autopaginate fit_logs %}
    <table border='1' width='90%'>
        <thead><tr><th>Member</th><th>Date</th><th>Title</th><th>Duration (HH:MM:SS)</th>
        <th>Total Exercises</th><th>Total Sets</th><th>Total Reps</th>
        <th>Training Volume</th><th>Cardio (HH:MM:SS)</th><th>Cardio Miles</th><th>Comments</th><th>&nbsp;</th></tr></thead>
    {% for log in fit_logs %}
        <td>{{log.comments|linebreaksbr}}</td><td>[<a href='{% url 'view_fitlog'}'>View</a>]</td></tr>
    {% endfor %}
{% paginate %}
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