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Django visitor

This is a fairly simple visitor tracking application for Django, designed to make allowing tracking visitors as painless as possible. It requires a functional installation of Django 1.1 or newer, but has no other dependencies.

For installation instructions, see the file "INSTALL" in this directory;

Change Log

0.1.8 - Updated Vistor.__unicode__ to return an actual unicode string and to not blow up if the instance is not yet saved

0.1.7 - Fixed an issue with visitor_utils.get_visitor_from_request() that was causing an error with missing get_visitor()

0.1.6 - Fixed the pypi tar.gz, it was missing some files

0.1.5 - Added VISITOR_IGNORE_IP_LIST custom setting to help with issues behind a load balancer.

0.1.4 - Merged in changes from pydanny (cleanup and better docs)

0.1.3 - Added missing constant "REQUEST_LOG_ID" used by other applications.

0.1.2 - Added support for akamai's site accelerator, it puts the visitors origin IP in a custom header, so I needed to add a change to support this.