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ken cochrane  committed 537e4be

Added a couple of debug logs to see how things are progressing, and to see how many steps are left to perform. Helpful when trying to track how long it will take before the mirror gets back up to date.

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     except DownloadError, e:
         logging.warning('changed_packages call failed: '+str(e))
+    add_count = 0
     for name in modified:
         if ('package', name) in todo:
         todo.append(('package', name))
+        add_count += 1
+    logging.debug("added %d steps " % (add_count,))
     if modified:
         todo.append(('package', ''))
     todo.append(('last_modified', now))
         check_modifications(m, todo)
         if not todo:
             return ""
+    num_steps = len(todo)
+    logging.debug("%s steps left to complete" % (num_steps,))
     action, param = todo[0]
     logging.info('step %s %r' % (action, param))