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 <p class="important">If the above function does <strong>not</strong> contain any information in the first parameter it will connect
 to the group specified in your database config file. For most people, this is the preferred method of use.</p>
+<h3>Available Parameters</h3>
+	<li>The database connection values, passed either as an array or a DSN string.</li>
+	<li>TRUE/FALSE (boolean).  Whether to return the connection ID (see Connecting to Multiple Databases below).</li>
+	<li>TRUE/FALSE (boolean).  Whether to enable the Active Record class.  Set to FALSE by default.</li>
+<h3>Manuallly Connecting to a Database</h3>
 <p>The first parameter of this function can <strong>optionally</strong> be used to specify a particular database group
 from your config file, or you can even submit connection values for a database that is not specified in your config file.