Kenneth Jørgensen avatar Kenneth Jørgensen committed 9dec7e3

Fixed Collection to handle removals and additions during iterations.

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 * *Fix:* toJSON ignored all defined relations.
 * *Fix:* `HasManyRelation` will no longer lose existing `Model` instances when set with a list of IDs.
 * *Fix:* Old value was not supplied on `Model` change events.
+* *Fix:* `Collection` can now add and remove entries during iteration.
 ## 0.0.1 (2013-07-30)
 * Initial version after splitting modelling off from Antifreeze.
-/*! Discrete 0.1.0-dev.3 - MIT license */
+/*! Discrete 0.1.0-dev.4 - MIT license */
 (function() {
   var Async, Calamity, Collection, Discrete, HasManyRelation, HasOneRelation, Loader, Map, Model, ModelRepo, Persistor, Relation, RepoPersistor, Set, calamity, exports, object_toString, root, _, _ref, _ref1,
     __hasProp = {}.hasOwnProperty,
   Discrete = {
-    version: "0.1.0-dev.3"
+    version: "0.1.0-dev.4"
   if (typeof exports !== "undefined") {
     Collection.prototype.each = function(fn) {
       var entry, index, _i, _len, _ref;
-      _ref = this._items;
+      _ref = _.clone(this._items);
       for (index = _i = 0, _len = _ref.length; _i < _len; index = ++_i) {
         entry = _ref[index];
         fn.apply(this, [entry, index]);


 		collection.add val3
 		expect(clone.size()).toBe 2
+	it "should handle additions and removals during iteration", ->
+		collection.addAll val1, val2
+		n = 0
+		collection.each (val, index) ->
+			if index is 0
+				expect(val).toBe val1
+				collection.remove val2
+			if index is 1
+				expect(val).toBe val2
+				collection.add val2
+			n++
+		expect(n).toBe 2
 	describe "change events", ->
 		change = null
 		changeEvent = null


 	# Iterator.
 	each: (fn) ->
-		for entry, index in @_items
+		for entry, index in _.clone @_items
 			fn.apply @, [entry, index]
 		return @
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