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Django Postman

This is an application for the Django web framework.

It provides a messaging functionality, mainly for a User-to-User exchange,
and with these convenient features:
- A non-User (email is undisclosed) can write to a User and get a reply
  (can be disabled by configuration)
- Exchanges can be moderated (with auto-accept and auto-reject plug-ins)
- Optional recipient filter plug-ins
- Optional exchange filtering plug-ins (blacklists)
- Multi-recipient writing is possible (can be disabled by configuration)
  with min/max constraints
- Messages are managed by conversations
- Messages in folders are sortable by sender|recipient|subject|date
- 'Archives' folder in addition to classic Inbox, Sent and Trash folders
- A Quick-Reply form to only ask for a response text
- A cleanup management command to clear the old deleted messages

It has support for optional additional applications:
- Autocomplete recipient field (default is 'django-ajax-selects'),
  with multiple recipient management
- New message notification (default is 'django-notification')
- Asynchronous mailer (default is 'django-mailer')

*django-pagination is required to install and use this project.*

See the docs/ directory for Sphinx documentation.
For example, build the HTML version with >make html
and open docs/_build/html/index.html

Copyright (C) 2010, Patrick Samson
This program is licensed under the BSD License (see the file LICENSE).