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Tags and Filters

The following tags and filters are available to your templates by loading the library:

{% load postman_tags %}

Here are the other special libraries in the :file:`postman/templatetags/` directory, that are not intended for your site design:



Gives the number of unread messages for a user. Returns nothing (an empty string) for anonymous users.

Storing the count in a variable for further processing is advised, such as:

{% postman_unread as unread_count %}
{% if unread_count %}
    You have <strong>{{ unread_count }}</strong> unread messages.
{% endif %}


Returns a formatted GET query string, usable to have the messages list presented in a specific order. This string must be put in the href attribute of a <a> HTML tag.

One argument is required: a keyword to specify the field used for the sort. Supported values are:

  • sender
  • recipient
  • subject
  • date

If the list is already sorted by the keyword, the returned value will specify the reversed order. If there are other existing parameters, such as a page number, they are preserved in the resulting output.


<a href="{% postman_order_by subject %}">...</a>



If the value is equal to the argument, replace it with the constant string '<me>'.

For example, if we have:

{{ message.obfuscated_sender|or_me:user }}

and the sender is the currently logged-in user, the output is compacted to show only the simple pattern '<me>'.

Note that this pattern cannot be confused with the username of a real user, because the brackets are not in the valid character set for a username.


Output a date as short as possible. The argument must provide three date format patterns. The pattern used depends on how the date compares to the current instant:

  • pattern 1 if in the same day
  • pattern 2 if in the same year
  • pattern 3 otherwise

For example:

{{ message.sent_at|compact_date:_("g:i A,M j,n/j/y") }}

With a message sent on "5 dec 2010, 09:21:58":

for the day: the output is:
5 dec 2010 9:21 AM
6 dec 2010 Dec 5
1 jan 2011 12/5/10