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+Teaching Django to Comrades
+Who is your audience?
+* New to web programming
+* New to Python
+Where do you start?
+1. The tutorial.
+2. Something else that they can build, from green pastures, with code reviews.
+3. THEN get them working on your code.
+What are some of the pain points?
+* Reverse relations
+* Migrations
+* Forms
+    * What do I use?
+    * Custom widgets?
+    * Custom data?
+* Where do random bits of code go?
+* Existing methods or write my own?
+* URLs
+.. note:: If it's hard, and you're new, you're probably doing it wrong.
+.. note:: Don't fight the system until you're assured victory.
+**Deployment: don't start here.**
+Consultants, tutorials, and convention videos are great starting resources.
+Get Help
+* IRC
+* django-users mailing list
+* StackOverflow
+* User groups
+Give Help
+* All of those places.
+* Fork projects.
+* Report, verify, and fix bugs in 3rd party apps.
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