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Designers Make It Go To Eleven

Compromise is the soul of design.

There's no way to get everything that you want.

Design is a discipline you can learn. And you need to practice to level up.

You drive a TV with a remote. You drive an iPhone with your whole body. Medium provides a constraint to your design.

The most important constaints are audience constraints:

* Who
* What
* When
* Where
* Why

Constraints inform choices. Based on science.

User Experience
Delight & obviousness
Interaction Design
input/output often confused with UX paving cowpaths
User Interface
expose functionality cues & clues affordance discoverability conventions interactability
Information Architect
info hierarchy sort criteria findability
Visual Design

visual hierarchy establishing connections mood & narrative beauty = performance

Things that are beautiful (seem to) work better
I need your help to make [my project] pretty. Designers will run away, screaming

All the same reasons for working in OO, build up a resume, etc.

As OO goes, Django is pretty designer-friendly. It appreciates non-code contributions: docs & tests.