DjangoCon 2011 Notes / docs / real_world_django_deployment_with_chef.rst

Real World Django Deployment with Chef

Getting started with chef

  • Resources

    • type
    • name
    • parameters
    • takes actions
    • can send notifications
  • Recipes

    • A collection of resources
    • Recipes are evaluated for resources in the order they appear.
    • Can include other recipes
    • Dynamic configuration through search
    • Can be extended through Ruby scripting
  • Roles
    • describe nodes
    • holds a list of recipes
  • Cookbooks are collections of recipes

  • Environments are pegged cookbook versions

Python-specific tools

  • python::package, python::source -- install python
  • python::pip, python::virtualenv -- make it dance
  • gunicorn::default, gunicorn_config
  • supervisor::default, supervisor_service
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