Forrst Fire / forrst-fire.chromeextension / options.html

	<head><title>Forrst Fire Extension Options</title></head>
	<script type="text/javascript">
		// Saves options to localStorage.
		function save_options() {
			var clever_girl = document.getElementById("id_clever_girl");
			var raptor = clever_girl.value;
			localStorage["show_raptor"] = raptor;

			// Update status to let user know options were saved.
			var status = document.getElementById("status");
			status.innerHTML = "Options Saved.";
			setTimeout(function() {
				status.innerHTML = "";
			}, 750);

		// Restores select box state to saved value from localStorage.
		function restore_options() {
			var raptor = localStorage["show_raptor"];
			var clever_girl = document.getElementById("id_clever_girl");
			if (raptor) {
				clever_girl.checked = true;
			} else {
				clever_girl.checked = false;

<body onload="restore_options()">
	<label for="id_clever_girl">Clever girl&hellip;</label>
	<input type="checkbox" id="id_clever_girl" checked>

	<button onclick="save_options()">Save</button>
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