Event Detection and Factuality Assessment with Non-Expert Supervision

This repository contains the code and data to replicate the results from the paper (

If you are just looking for the data, see


  • Java 8
  • Maven

Setting Up

  • Run from the resources directory.
  • CPLEX:

    • Make sure that the version-specific jar file, copied from CPLEX's installation (under $CPLEX-INSTALLATION/lib/cplex.jar), is placed under lib/cplex/cplex/. For example, the jar file for CPLEX 12.6 is in lib/cplex/cplex/12.6/cplex-12.6.jar

    • Edit pom.xml:

      • Replace -Djava.library.path=/opt/ibm/ILOG/CPLEX_Studio1261/cplex/bin/x86-64_linux with the path to CPLEX.
      • Indicate the CPLEX version under the cplex dependency, e.g., <version>12.6</version>

Running Experiments

The experiments directory contains XML files that specify the workflows to produce the results from the paper. To run an experiment, use For example, to replicate the development results for event detection, run ./ experiments/devDetectionEval.xml