Junk Yard Map


Junk Yard Map is a tool to keep the overview over servers, and to quickly connect to them via SSH.

This is accomplished by generating html-maps of your servers from easy-to-keep yaml-files, and by some helpers for establishing connections by following links.


Install via pip with this command:

$ pip install junkyardmap


Map Creation

First, create a description of your networks and servers (see examples/network.yaml for help).

Then, use

$ junkyardmap-generate your-description.yaml index.html

and open the index.html in your favorite browser. You should see a map of your Machines now.

Connect per click

To connect to a server, click the user on the server you wish to connect to. If you want to 'hop' to a server, click some users in a row. Then, click on "connect".

The browser will now download a .jym-file (mimetype is x-application/junkyardmap). Tell your browser to open it with the junkyardmap-connect executable.

How to do this depends on the browser, usually it is some dialog like "open with application x, don't as again".

By default, Junk Yard Map tries to connect via gnome-terminal and ssh. To customize this behaviour, create a ~/.junkyardmap configuration file.

An example configuration can be found in examples/example.ini