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help me in using this script

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Can you please guide me how to use this script to work

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  1. Philipp Benjamin Köppchen repo owner

    thank you for using my software, i'll try to help

    Here is an example:

    from locust import ManagedDatabase
    # sets up an interface to a managed database
    # you migration files are plain SQL-files, living in migrations/, following a name
    # schema of 001_my_first_migration.sql
    db = ManagedDatabase('mysql://user@localhost/somedb', 'migrations/*.sql')
    # set up the table that keeps track of the migrations
    # shows all migrations that are in the migrations directory, but not yet executed
    print db.get_pending_migrations()
    # execute the pending migrations. their names will be insertet in the version table, so
    # that they get executed only once

    please dont hesitate to ask further questions, or to point out mistakes.

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