Scrapmetal is a webserivce for creating and granting achievements, similar to the ones Blizzard, PSN, etc offer.


Prerequisite: Database

Scrapmetal needs a running mongodb, so make sure you have one. On ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install mongodb

Via homunculus

To run scrapmetal via homunculus, type this into your console while in the project directory:


Now, visit http://localhost:8080 with the browser of your choice.

Standalone in Virtualenv

To install scrapmetal in a virtual environment, first make sure you have virtualenv. On ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv

Then, run the following commands:

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages scrapmetal-ve
$ scrapmetal-ve/bin/pip install scrapmetal
$ scrapmetal-ve/bin/python -c "from scrapmetal.application import app;"

Now, visit http://localhost:5000 with the browser of your choice.