White Rabbit

What is this?

White Rabbit is a webbased time tracker for freelancers. It is possible to easily track the time you works for your customers and generate invoices.


A fully functional installation is accessible at . While the service is not reset regularly and could be theoretically used "productive", currently, i cannot vow for it's stableness, uptimes or data integrity.

If you're interested in a stable version, contact me or do it yourself (see Installation).


With Homunculus

White rabbit is made to be hosted with homunculus. Just zip the source and upload it.

Plain WSGI

While technically possible, currently it is not exactly easy. "Use the Source" or contact me.


Install the homunculus client:

$ pip install homunculus_cli

Make sure, pip could install python-mysql (some header files may be needed, depending on your OS).

Create a mysql database.

Download the source, unzip it, change into the directory and start the development server with:

$ --mysql=mysql://user:password@host/database

If your database is hosted on localhost, is named "whiterabbit", and is accessible by a user "webdev" (without a password), you can also use

$ make serve

as a shortcut.

In your browser, go to 'http://localhost:8080/migrate' to upgrade the database to the latest version.

Have fun, you're done.