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Who We Are

The Greek FreeBSD Documentation Team is a loosely coupled team of people, who are translating the documentation of FreeBSD to the Greek language. We have currently translated most of the FreebsdHandbook and large parts of the FreebsdFaq. We are slowly working our way through the FreebsdArticles too, and one of our long terms goals is to start translating the FreebsdWebSite too.

The team currently includes the following people (sorted by name):

  • Giorgos Keramidas <>
  • Manolis Kiagias <>
  • Giorgos Emper <>

Past contributors, who have submitted a substantial number of patches to our translations, include:

  • Aristotelis Stamatopoulos <>
  • Nikos Kokkalis <>
  • Kiriakos Kentrotis <>
  • Panagiotis Kritikakos <>
  • Stilianos Sideridis <>
  • Vaggelis Typaldos <>

We communicate mostly through email and IRC. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to join the team, or how to help us with the translation efforts.