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We try to keep the content of this Wiki open to anyone willing to contribute to the documentation of the translation process. However, before you edit a page, you should probably learn how to navigate the wiki.


The pages of this wiki are organized into categories. The Home page lists all the categories; they appear as links to the individual category pages.

When you create a new wiki page, put one or more category names at the bottom, to link this page to the respective categories.

Header navigation

The header of each page always starts with a link to the Home page. Then a link to the latest version of the current page follows. Then a few other useful links follow.

The New link allows you to create new pages from scratch.

The Edit links will open the current page in the wiki page editor.

You can add pretty much any new page and you make any changes you want to an existing one, but please take the time to read HowToEdit before making substantial modifications to the wiki.