A New Land Classic

A New Land Classic is a set of multiplayer maps for Wesnoth 1.10. It has more maps and more factions than the mainline map, "4p - A New Land". Here, crops grow thrice in one day, mines offer gold, and universities teach victory. Players build more villages and castles.

To play, use either of two eras.

  • A New Land: Standard only has Loyalists, but anyone can join the game. Peasants can build. Mages can study at universities.
  • A New Land: Expanded features Loyalists, Outlaws, Orcs and Undead. Only players who install the era can join the game.

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  • Original author: Bob_The_Mighty
  • Current maintainer: Kernigh
  • Contributors:
    • governor
    • Nyogtha
    • ReNoM
    • Rhuvaen
    • Ron (marvalis)
    • xudojnik

Some parts come from mainline Wesnoth.

This add-on is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


To install this add-on, put A_New_Land_Classic directory inside your add-ons directory.


During your turn, right-click your leader for help.

At the beginning, you can only recruit workers and scholars. To build something, move your worker to some hex and right-click your worker.

An 'elven' village is a university. You will need one. Some maps start with one; else you must find or build a village on grassland, then upgrade it to a university. Then move your leader or a scholar there, and right-click it. If your leader does diplomacy, or your scholar researches warfare, then you can recruit new types of units.

During the battle, you must balance the need to recruit more units against the need to increase your income with farms, mines or villages.