Histogram from standard input!  It's the unix way:

ls -l | gawk '{print $5}' | hist

See more colourful examples and documentation at:


   hist [help [command]]


   hist-exec [mode hist|hist2D|histWeighted|hist2DWeighted]
             [n N] [l N] [u N] [int]
             [nx N] [lx N] [ux N] [intx] [ny N] [ly N] [uy N] [inty] [lz N] [uz N]
             [title TITLE] [notitle] [xname NAME] [yname NAME]
             [rightjustify] [centrejustify] [ynamedirection UP|DOWN|NORMAL]
             [logy] [logz]
             [quit] [showargs]
             [eps FILENAME] [pdf FILENAME] [svg FILENAME] [png FILENAME] [dump FILENAME]
             [nobox] [box] [boxx N] [boxy N]
             [mark] [overwrite] [ignoreweights] [style STYLE] [errors]
             [rainbow] [allanach] [greyscale] [userpal W R G B] [colourscale] [noautoscalezcolours] [fillvoid] [nofillvoid] [dark]
             [multi] [ratio A B] [ratio_connect_points] [ratio_disconnect_points] [nolegend]
             [silent] [batch]

New features:

       * ROC curves (via histRocFilter script) 
       * cumulative histogramming 
       * integer binning for integer quantities
       * compiles on linux and Mac OSX
       * histogram multiple input streams simultaneously, and overlaying resulting histograms 
       * legends
       * ratio plots with auto-ranging
       * silent and batch modes
       * normalize mode
       * ignoreweights

working existing/old features:

       * no ROOT dependence
       * pdf output
       * eps output
       * png output
       * svg output (editable with inkscape)
       * you don't need to specify LD_LIBRARY_PATH at run time 
       (provided you build successfully with the supplied makefile)
       * stats (mean, RMS, number of data points) printed to std out after each redraw
       * overwrite
       * hist / histWeighted / hist2D / hist2DWeighted modes
       * quit on end
       * eps output
       * specify bins and axis ranges if desired
       * rainbow colours
       * axes titles
       * titles
       * "fast mode"
       * log scales in *some* places
not yet implemented

       * log scales EVERYWHERE you want them
       * stats box

current known bugs  

       * axes numbers sometimes overlap 
       * at present, error bars are not drawn correctly in 'normalize' mode.