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Caige Nichols created an issue

I see that there are commits being made to the repository but the slick website is pretty out of date. I'd love to see this project live on with healthy documentation and community. Where can I help?

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I'm curious about what's up with the site, too. Several links are broken, the webstart demos don't work... it's a shame for such a useful library to present an aura of disrepair to would-be users.

  2. matt d

    The slick website is pretty outdated, and unfortunately none of the current devs have access to it. Kev is no longer maintaining it, although he said he'd be willing to have the domain point to a new spot. There has been some discussion about starting up a new site but unfortunately the ball has yet to get rolling. Maybe a free solution like SourceForge, GoogleCode, or something else will end up being the best bet (at least until a dedicated website can get up and running).

    The good news is that the codebase is still alive and kicking. :)

  3. Caige Nichols reporter

    I'd be more than happy to spend some time on a new website. I'd be more than happy to host it as well. What can I do to kick start this process? I can easily dedicate a few hours a week to this effort.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    I can also host it on my dedicated server. My server has a DNS server for name servers of domain, a FTP server, mail server, web server, and SQL server. I would love to host the site for a new domain name since I care about the future of this wonderful project. If you need more info contact me at Thanks, Michael

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