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Hey, so I am currently trying to develop a game for the raspberry pi using slick, and have been trying(and failing) to port slick to the raspberry pi using a pi version of lwjgl that uses opengl es 2.0. I was wondering if you could add opengl es 2.0/pi support, or at least give me a hand with my broken efforts.


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  1. matt d

    Like I said in the forums, Slick will probably never be fully compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0. This is because the library was designed around immediate mode and fixed-function pipeline. One option would be to try tweaking the experimental Slick-AE project (a thin wrapper around LibGDX) to your needs.

    The best solution is to use a library that was actually designed with OpenGL ES in mind, such as LibGDX. It supports shaders, custom matrix transformations, VBOs, and all the other things that are necessary to render sprites in OpenGL ES.

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