Adjacent Rectangles intersect.

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If we have two rectangles, r1 and r2, such that

r1 = new Rectangle(60,60,20,20); r2 = new Rectangle(80,60,20,20);

r1.intersects(r2) returns true; r2.intersects(r1) also returns true.

This doesn't seem quite right to me.

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  1. Bengt Ericsson

    Well, they are intersecting!

    If the second rectangle would be place at (81, 60) then they wouldn't intersect.

    60+20 = 80, which means that they intersect. You need to add +1 to x position of the second triangle, or -1 to the width of the first, for them not to intersect. This is common practice through all graphics libraries.

  2. Adam Badawy

    No, you're entirely incorrect. When I create a new rectangle, the constructor parameters are x-position, y-position, width, and height. If I make a rectangle like so:

    Rectangle r1 = new Rectangle(0,0,20,16);

    This means that the rectangle will occupy all positions from x = 0 to x = 19 (20 pixels, the width) and y = 0 to y = 15 (16 pixels, the height).

    Furthermore, if my game is tiled 20x20, my walls should have a width and height of 20 without intersecting each other.

    Can you point me to what graphics library has this illogical practice?

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