A-Star PathFinder Implementation Improvement

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The class AStarPathFinder currently keeps an ArrayList of closed Nodes, which it never uses. It is only added to and removed, but nothing more, that's because for determining if a Node is closed or not, is currently done through a flag within the Node itself.

So I request a deletion of the unnecessary List of closed Nodes in the AStarPathFinder class.

Following are the only lines that contain the list.

public class AStarPathFinder implements PathFinder, PathFindingContext {
    /** The set of nodes that have been searched through */
    private ArrayList closed = new ArrayList();

    protected void addToClosed(Node node) {
    protected boolean inClosedList(Node node) {
        return node.isClosed();
    protected void removeFromClosed(Node node) {

(I know this is micro-optimization, but it simply bugged me while I was looking through the code.)

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