bind treeview with json data

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prathap kumar created an issue

I think this is the best treeview library so far i found.

can you please add an example how to bind treeview with json data

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  1. Kevin Armstrong

    Hi Kumar. Thanks for the praise. I am in the process of updating the documentation more and that will include importing from JSON data. Currently, it isn’t a straight forward bind but more of a convenient means to converting JSON into the Node objects needed to use in the TreeView widget. I am working on making this process much simpler.

    In the meantime, the way to perform this would be to convert a JSON string into a List. More specifically, a List<Map<String, dynamic>>. Then use something like the following to convert that into the List<Node> needed for the TreeView.

    List<Node> treeData =<String, dynamic> item) => Node.fromMap(item));
    TreeViewController(children: treeData);

    The JSON data should look something like this:

        "key": "n1", 
        "label": "Parent Node 1",
        "children": [
          {"key": "n1c1", "label": "Item 1"},
          {"key": "n1c2", "label": "Item 2"},
          {"key": "n1c3", "label": "Item 3"}
      {"key": "n2", "label": "Item 4"},
      {"key": "n3", "label": "Item 5"}

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