Can i Instantiate the treeview and create Project 2

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  1. Kevin Armstrong

    Hi Praneeth, I meant to reply earlier. You can absolutely do this. I created the TreeViewController just for this purpose. The controller provides an array of all the nodes. If you add another node (Project 2) to the root of that array and set the children property of the controller to this new array using state management, the tree will be updated with your new value.

  2. Kevin Armstrong

    List<Node> children = _treeViewController.children;
        key: 'us',
        label: 'US',
        expanded: true,
        icon: NodeIcon.fromIconData(Icons.folder),
        children: [
          Node(key: 'us-tn', label: 'Tennessee'),
          Node(key: 'us-il', label: 'Illinois'),
    setState(() {
      _treeViewController = _treeViewController.copyWith(children: children);

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