Better Hacker News is a small bit of Javascript that hides any article with too many comments.

I wrote it when I noticed that most of the articles I wanted to read most - the technical articles - had many upvotes and few comments, and most of the articles I shouldn't have bothered to read - the social psychology posts, news stories or similar - had many comments and few upvotes.

The specific formula

You will see articles which meet these criteria:

  • Any article with over 400 votes
  • Articles between 10 and 400 votes, with more than 4x as many votes as comments.
  • Job listings.

Or in code:

var shouldHideStory = function(votes, comments) {
    return !(votes > 400 || (votes > 10 && (votes / comments) >= 4));

And that's it!


Click here to download the file as a Chrome extension


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