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I plan spending to a specific date and adjust the Total to 0 on that date - this allows me to monitor over or underspending to that date and make further adjustments. Now I can see the Total on a specific date by placing the cursor over the total line on that date but it would be easier to forecast to a specific date.

Also I've just updated to v33 but v32 seemed to have a problem when doing the above (noticed on the following day when the balance seemed to have changed without anything else changing other than the date) until the cashflow was calculated.

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  1. Kevin Stembridge repo owner

    I've been thinking about adding a savings goal feature that would allow you to specify a given amount on a given date in the future and it would show up as a point on the chart. It sounds like that is basically the same thing you're trying to achieve. Does that sound like it would be suitable for you?

    For the problem with the balance, could you log that separately as a bug and I'll try to reproduce it. If you could provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce it that would be great.

  2. Duncan Machray

    Sounds like that would do what I need.

    With the balance I'll keep an eye on it and see if it occurs again and if it does raise it as a bug.

    I set a 0 balance on Total for 31/12/2013 but without any changes being made - other than it being the next day this total had changed. It seemed to be corrected when I recalculated the forecast.

  3. Kevin Stembridge repo owner

    Hi Duncan, I think this savings goal feature is going to be a bit of work. I don't have a lot of spare time at the moment but I'll get it done eventually.

    Stay tuned. Kevin

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