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forecaster changes cash flow on a Saturday

Duncan Machray
created an issue

Hi Kevin,

I said I would raise this if it continued. It seems that on a Saturday when I look at my Total cashflow (on Moneydance home page) to 31/12/2013 which should come to £0 it consistently shows £-588.00 for a time - if I just do other things it eventually corrects itself. Re-calculating the cashflow doesn't seem to change anything (at least not immediately) and I think the forecaster forecast graph is unchanged too.

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  1. Kevin Stembridge repo owner

    Hi Duncan, Thanks very much for logging this.

    Do you know if the amount is significant in any way? Does the 588.00 match up with any reminders or transactions that occur on or around that day?

    How are you seeing the amount? Is it when you hover over a point on the Total plot line and get a tooltip or is it when you left-click a point on the graph and you get the vertical marker?

  2. Duncan Machray reporter

    Hi Kevin, 588 doesn't seem to match up with an obvious pattern of transactions around that date and it didn't happen this Saturday.

    I see the amount when I hover over the total line on the 31/12/13.

    I find it difficult to see the values on the vertical marker on the home page (or forecaster) they are grouped too closely together (I'm looking at three accounts plus Total). I wonder if you can do anything to make that more clear (eg using a long pointer with the value at the end or highlighting the value with the colour of the line when hovering over that line?)

    Regards, Duncan

  3. Kevin Stembridge repo owner

    Hi Duncan, I agree the printed totals get a bit bunched up sometimes. Short of me doing any work to sort it out, you can zoom into an area on the chart by clicking and dragging across it. To zoom back out again, right-click and choose one of the options.

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